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Identity of R.A.B
I have thought for quite a while about who R.A.B is, and I think I now know the answer. Read the note carefuly again:

To the Dark Lord

I now I will be dead long before you read this but I want you to know that it was I who dicovered your secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can.

I face death in the hope that when you meet your match you will be mortal once more.


Only Death Eaters address Voldermort as "the Dark Lord" remember? Remember when Harry questioned Snape during Occulumnecy lessons why does Snape calls Voldermort the Dark Lord cos only Death Eaters do that?

So he must be a Death Eater.

Which Death Eater has these initials?

Which Death Eater regretted joining Voldermort?

Which Death Eater knew he had to face death if he defected from Voldermort's side?

Regulus Black.

Copied from the Lexicon:

Regulus Black(1961? - 1980)
Younger brother of Sirius, favored by his parents as he shared their pureblood prejudices, to the point that he joined the Death Eaters. According to Sirius, "he [Regulus] got in so far, then panicked about what he was being asked to do, and tried to back out. Well, you don't just hand in your resignation to Voldemort. It's a lifetime of service or death" (OP6). Voldemort had Regulus killed sometime during 1980 (the same year the prophecy was made and Harry was born).

It fits doesn't it? A Death Eater, who knows he is going to die soon because he betrayed Voldermort.

I just need to know his middle name to confirm.

Any thoughts?
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And now for the teachers of Greylight. Once again if you have ideas please comment.

The headmaster of Greylight is Melinda Davenport. A middle aged yet ravishing woman with raven black hair and quick eyes. Melinda has been the headmistress of Greylight for 5 years however she taught Defense Against the Dark Arts there for 10 years and was an accomplished Auror before that. Because of her former career Melinda is somewhat of a cynic and slightly paranoid. Also she is a favorite among students because of one of her other peculiarities. Melinda promotes stundents jinxing and charming each other between and during classes because she feels it allows the students to hone their defensive skills.

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Professor Flannagin is a jolly fellow, not at all the sort to teach Potions. Yet he does. Students enjoy his classes because they are challenging and fun, and the jolly Irishman is not one to belittle students' attemps, like Professor Churkovskey, but encourages them to try again. This is not to say he's a pushover. An ex-assassin, Professor Flannagin can enter and exit a room unnoticed, and prowls his shadowed classroom unseen and unheard, watching for any "misconduct". He sometimes sends fresh victims to Professor Churkovney's detentions. Most of the time, a miscreant will do detention with him, washing out sticky cauldrons, and scrubbing the floor, and returns the next day with a fresh slate. But the Irishman can be fickle. He is known for popping up out of nowhere, making a student drink a vial of poison, and then that student has until the next day to mix up their own antedote. Then, he takes a grade for it. If the student is unable to make an antedote, he provides one for them. And takes a zero for it. But what most students do not know is that the "poison" is really just an Irishman's beverage the professor concocts himself, as is the antedote.

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Professor Churkovskey is the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. An ex-Auror from Russia, he takes his lessons very seriously and is well known for his unpleasant disposition. He terrifies most 1st and 2nd year students, and he is not much of a joy to the rest of the student body. In fact, the headmistress has actually assigned him the task of creating the most undesirable detentions possible, and students who are assigned to him for a night after classes rarely do anything to merit another round. He is known as The Communist among the students because of his refusal to play favorites. No one is ever found sleeping in class, for fear of some embarrassing jinx that might be put on them to last the rest of the day. No one writes notes, unless it is over the material being studied, because one can be rest assured that it will end up posted outside the dining room doors, with a few exaggerations and mortifying segments added here and there. And a student most definitely does not misbehave in The Communist's classroom, because, along with a good chance of being jinxed, the detentions with Professor Churkovskey are hardly worth it. Any type of disturbance of class, accidental or otherwise, is met with unfortionate consequences. Students are advised to tape their things to their desk, so as to not fall to the floor, to only have the required materials out, and to always face forward, no matter what. Only then, can one be assured to be relatively safe from the Russian's bad temper!

Loved By Buffalo is the Care of Magical Creatures teacher and gamekeeper at Greylight. He is a member of the Sioux Nation* and his teaching style is similar to the original old ways of the Medicine Man. Loved By Buffalo teaches his students to love and repsect all creatures around them, magical or otherwise**. Also Loved By Buffalo's classroom is actually a large corral that can take the shape if the enviroment of whatever creature the class is studying that day. Loved By Buffalo's strays a little bit out of his curriculum for fifth year students; he helps students find their animal spirits (each person has three spirits: flying, swimming and land). A final note, Loved By Buffalo is the first teacher that new students to Greylight meet when they step off the Greylight Galleon.

Caesar Turtleblatt is the custodian and groudskeeper of Greylight. Caesar was originally the Divination teacher however after a strange vision which only the headmistriss knows Caesar decided his true calling was groundskeeping. The best way to describe Caesar to take the opposite of everthing you have ever heard of Hogwarts's Mr. Filch except for knowledge of the grounds. No on knows where Caesar's office is as he has set it up in the Ever Changing Room, that is a room that regularly moves from place to place inside the school. How he keeps track of it is one the Greylight's many mysteries, some believe that Caesar can simply see the future and knows where the room will appear. Anyways, Caesar knows about every single hidden passage way throughout the school however he does not haunt them or detain students for going in them. In fact Caesar doesn't really do anything to punish students. He simply magically fixes whatever they have messed up and then goes back to his office.

*Native Americans are one of the few examples of Muggles and Magic folk living and working together in harmony.

**Almost all creatures have a magical beings among them and Native Americans were very adept at detecting these animal wizards and witches. The most notable of the magic creatures in America are the buffalo the buffalo.
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Mogo Lauchlan, he is going into his 7th and final year in school. His father is the first son of a long wizards from Scotland. Mogo's mother is a muggleborn witch from Nebraska. Mogo is a member of the house of Proctor at Greylight. Mogo is not the best of students in all subjects, however his quick witt and unorthodoxical views of magic have led to the invention of many new jinxes, charms, spells and ways to use them. Morgan also happens to be a quidditch player, he is a beater. While he has never been in any adventures to equal Harry Potter, Mogo has had his share of exploits the most famous of which being coming in second place in the National Dueling Tournement when he was only a third year.

(courtesy of black_lone_wolf) Jaime O'Fearghail is in her 6th year. Her parents are adopted, but she has found a family tree that traces all the way back to the wizards of the Anally Sept in Ireland. An Osborne, she has an uncanny ability with creatures, magical and non, and has top marks in Care of Magical Creatures. She is adept at slipping through the school at night without being seen, and many teachers and students believe her to be the culprit to quite a few semi-dangerous practical jokes, though it's never been proven.
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Everyone has heard of the wonderous wizarding school of hogwarts. But how many of you have heard of the great American school located in the most inconspicuous of places, Rhode Island. Originally founded in Salem Mass. After the famous witch hunts of the 1690's the founders decided to move the school to the vast unclaimed territory of Rhode Island. Now of course many of you are pondering how Rhode Island could be big. Well the truth is that much of Rhode Island is unplottable on muggle maps and it contains the largest population of American Witches and Wizards. But I'm getting off subject. The school's name is Greylight. Founded in 1685 by Hogwarts students Thomas Putnam, Sarah Osborne, Tituba Drake and John Proctor, the school was a miniature copy of Hogwarts. Each founder created their own hose just like at Hogwarts, except they didn't sort the kids in with a hat. Instead the head master used a pensieve to draw out the incoming student's inner strength and sent him/her to a house. Brave, honest, and loyal are sent to Proctor. Clever, intellectual and brainy are sent to Drake. Ambitious, and proud are sent to Putnam. And finally all who did not fit these molds are sent to Osborne. The school maintains close ties with Hogwarts and this year for the first time ever two students, a boy and a girl are going to be sent as exchange students to Hogwarts. The students must at least be in there 4th year of school, and must provide and little bio about themselves. (use whatever name you want)
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Greetings Everyone and welcome to the wonderful world of Magic! This community is dedicated to fanfics and minor role plays about harry potter and the harry potter world. Currently I am creating my own little version of the Potter universe but more about that will come later. ;)
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